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The University has implemented the Class Allocation System (CAS) to assist in the process of assigning students to classes.

CAS allocates students to classes based on preferences they enter against lectures, tutorials, labs and other activities.  Staff provide support to students in their use of CAS, including the preparation of CAS data, preference entry advice, allocation adjustments and clash resolution. 

CAS is currently open in 'Priority Access' for  All international students and newly enrolled domestic students until  21st Feb (3pm). CAS will be Read only for others during this time.

If you have any questions please refer Frequently Asked Questions

CAS process for staff

Prior to the start of each semester, timetabling information is imported into CAS.  

Unit co-ordinators and school-based staff confirm the information within CAS and then configure additional options relevant to the student allocation process.   

Once CAS is opened to students, staff are required to monitor enrolments to ensure scheduled class sizes meet expectations.  Should changes to the number of provisioned classes be required, staff engage the Timetabling team for assistance.  

Following the allocation of classes, staff provide further support to students during the allocation adjustment period, including help in resolving timetable clashes.  

Once all allocations are finalised, staff can leverage CAS to generate class lists.

CAS Access, Training and Documentation

To obtain a CAS account, please send your request to

Once your account is enabled, links to relevant guides and documentation are available from within the CAS portal.  It is strongly recommended that you also request a training session with the CAS support team prior to commencing any editing work within CAS. Simply include your availability for training when submitting your account creation request.

Please note is a staff support email address for CAS. Student enquiries regarding CAS should be directed through their usual student support channels.


Class Allocation System

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